Swimming Pools and Children’s Safety

13102583_551722171683699_2098392449_nSwimming pools are always lots of fun for children. More and more parents are now choosing to install a pool at their homes so their kids can have all the fun they want and learn how to swim early on. Swimming is also considered one of the best exercises, so not only do the kids play around and have fun in a pool, but they also tend to stay healthy.

While swimming pools are fun, safety is of paramount importance – especially when children are around. Each year there are numerous incidents that result in children drowning or experiencing life-changing injuries. Always be sure to follow these simple steps to ensure that your children are safe in and around a pool.

Why Swimming Pool Safety is Important

Experts say that most children who drown at home pools are not out of sight for more than five minutes before tragedy strikes. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to keep a constant eye on children when they are in or around a pool. Parents and other adults should be especially vigilant when kids begin to “dunk” each other in the water, an innocent game that could very well kill a child.

Ensuring the Safety of Children

It should not take a horrible accident for you to start making sure your pool is a place where the safety measures are up to the mark. Here are a few more simple steps that will ensure the kids are safe when playing in or around the pool:

· Never leave the children alone. This is definitely the first pool safety rule. Always make sure that the kids are playing or swimming under adult supervision. Rely only on an adult who is responsible and will keep a constant eye on things. It takes just a couple of minutes for things to go wrong.

· Learn some basic lifesaving techniques, especially CPR. In case there has been an accident, it is always best to call 911 right away, but CPR is something you can perform until help arrives.

· Keep children away from electrical pool equipment. It is not uncommon for kids to get caught in filters or pumps. Kids are naturally curious, and they may try to play around with everything that looks interesting. Cover the equipment.

Unless the child actually knows how to swim, do not let him or her near the water alone, even if it is only a few inches. Get in the water with the child or make sure there is someone who is a good swimmer with him or her.

Ensuring the safety of children in and around a pool is one of the most important responsibilities you have as an adult. Make sure you fulfill it completely by following the simple and practical aforementioned steps.

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Making Birthday Parties Fun For Kids and Adults With Great Party Invitations and Ideas

Birthdays are meant to be enjoyed by all. But sometimes games and activities that are enjoyed by kids aren’t necessarily enjoyed with the same élan as the grown ups. It takes a little planning, but it is possible to host a party that can be enjoyed by kids of all ages. Pick games and activities that partner kids and grown ups and all of your guests will be having a great time.

Start your kid and adult friendly party with the perfect birthday invitation. Make a note that you’ll be planning on entertaining kids and adults. By giving adults a ‘heads up’ about the planned activities you’ll have them ready to be engaged in activities and games. Also, if your games are going to be played outside, you might want to make a special note of this on your birthday invitation. Getting your guests to arrive in the proper attire will go along way towards making your big day a hit.

Get some help
You might want to enlist some extra helping hands to keep the kids entertained. If you’ve got some baby sitters on call you might want to have them help you if you’ve got large group of kids. You might even want to consider hiring a ‘host’ to keep the kids entertained. This will give the adults a chance to mingle with the other grown-ups and enjoy the adult party of the party. Make a note on your birthday invitations if you’ve decided to hire help and this way the adults won’t have to worry about chasing their birthday guest around for the afternoon.

Most party games are aimed at kids – or at least the kid in all of us. Pick games that kids and parents can play together. A three-legged race, water balloon toss or egg balance game are all kids games that adults can enjoy, too. A rousing game of kick ball or baseball might be a fun activity if your yard is big enough. If you’re hosting your party indoors, make sure you’ve got plenty of interactive video games – bowling, tennis, etc. These games are great fun for kids and adults. If you are planning outdoor games, note this on your birthday invitation so your guests bring their sneakers.

On-site events
Planning your event at a restaurant, arcade bowling alley, local recreation center or community pool can be a great way to entertain kids and adults. Most of these locations have activities that are great for kids and adults. Bowling and swimming can be great fun for kids and adults alike. Or try finding a recreation center near you with kid and grown up activities like a climbing wall. This gives parents and kids a great chance to bond and accomplish something together. This makes a recreation center a perfect place for a birthday party. And these games and activities can make for a great birthday invitation.

While kids and adults may not agree on activities, they can both enjoy an afternoon of fun and games at a birthday party. Keep the kids occupied and get the adults to join in the fun and you’re all set for a great birthday for kids of all ages.

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The Best Swimming Pool Games

Did you know that a swimming pool is not only fun to swim and relax in? It is also a great place where you can have interactive games with your family and friends! All you need is a little creativity, pool props (ball, floaters, and rope), and people (including kids) – you’re all set.

Want to try something new, here’s a list of games that you can play next time you have a pool party:

Wet Sweatshirt Race – Teams should be set up depending on the number of good swimmers and sweatshirts (minimum of 2) that you have available. You can use the short length and shallow part of the pool in case you have kids joining in or there are weak swimmers. Each team will be given one sweatshirt. Have each team member line up. The first person for each team will then wear the sweatshirt. After the signal “GO” has been given, the person wearing the sweatshirt needs to swim across the pool and back. The sweatshirt will then be passed on to the next player, who in turn will wear the wet sweatshirt and do the same procedure. This routine will continue until the last team member has swum across the pool and back.
Wrestling Team – Teams will be comprised of two players each. In the middle of the pool (or at least at a safe distance away from the pool ledge), a team member will sit on the shoulder of the other team member. Both team members sitting atop the shoulder will try to push the other off balance. The team that remains “standing” is the winner.
Float and Race – Have two floaters ready for use. Build two teams. Equally divide the members of each team and have them stay at each end of the pool. In case teams are comprised of mixed adults and kids, allow the kids to begin the race. For example, if you have 4 members per team, instruct 2 of the members to go to the opposite side of the pool. Team member A will ride the floater and paddle it using their bare hands towards the opposite side of the pool where team member B will then take the place of team member A and paddle back to team member C. This routine will continue until it reaches the last member of the team. The first team that finishes is the winner.
Water Tug – You’ll need a strong rope for this particular game. The mechanics of this game is similar to the Tug-of-War but the only difference is that everybody who joins the game is required to get in the pool. The kids can also have a go at this by making use of the shallow part of the pool. Just be sure that there is enough space between the team members and the pool’s ledge to avoid accidents.
Whisper Is The Word – Set up two teams with as much members as possible. Provide both team leaders with one single word (write it down and have them read it silently). They in turn will tell their teammate what the word is but they have to say it under water. This will continue until the last team member is reached, who in turn will need to say the word out loud.
Hold Your Breath – Two or more people will take a deep breath and dive at the same time. The last person to come up for air is declared the winner.

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Swimming Pool Toys

Swimming pool is one of the places where entire family can have hours of fun. From vigorous exercise to complete relaxation and recreation; all are possible in a swimming pool. Adding few toys to the pool will significantly enhance the fun and excitement. These toys not only add fun but also increase the convenience, comfort and appeal of the swimming Pool. Pool toys make the swimming session feel more like a vacation and hence make the whole family look forward to swim in the pool.

Swimming pool toys are available in various forms. Pool ball is simple, cheap and yet favorite toy of all for many people. They are available in array of colors and sizes. They are light weight balls which are easy to inflate and deflate. Pool balls are equally liked by adults and small children. They are the king of pool toys.

Toypedo is another great toy for kids who are in their learning stage of swimming. They have hydrodynamic design resembling rocket and have variety of bright colors. They glide 40 feet under water and kids love to watch them moving. In the process of getting the toy back from water, kids improve their swimming skills.

Water gun is a favorite pool toy for many kids. Kids love to soak one another with water gun. Water balloon and water gun together give hours of enjoyment to the kids in the swimming pool.

Floatation devices are always fun in swimming pools. Noodles and kick boards are the simple floating toys that kids use for variety of activities and games. Inflatable rafts are more fun to the adults. While kids play running around and splashing the water to one another in the pools, adults can sit back and relax on these inflatable floats. They are available in wide range of prices. The lower-end inflatable floats may not be able to withstand the weight of an adult for a long time. Buying a good quality float is essential to have fun and relaxation for a long time. Some of the inflatable floats are designed to have maximum comfort. They are costlier than the simple floats. But they have added features like cup holder, extra compartment and back or neck rest.

Pool toys are available in retail shops, wholesale shops, online shops and pool supply shops. Pool toys vary in their price from few bucks to few thousands. But, one need not spend huge amount to make the pool experience more fun. Even simple pool toys can give immense enjoyment.

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Games Are Equally Advantageous To Adults And Children

Benjamin Franklin states “Games lubricate the mind and body”. Just like how an automobile cannot function or run without petrol or diesel, similarly, man whether children or adults cannot live for long without games.

For a child, games are a natural instinct and, he does almost all his activities naturally in a play way style.

However, a man of 21st has realized or should soon realize, to a large extent, the importance of games in his life, the hard way, and learn to make it a part and parcel of his lifestyle.

That is the present generation, who are mostly leading a sedentary lifestyle due to substantial improvement in technology, must understand to a great extent the need to play and have some frivolous activities regularly like games and sports often to increase his lifespan.

Certainly, games are a source of entertainment, great physical and mental exercise for the adults too just as it is to the children.

Just like how games are vital for every child’s intellectual and physical development, it is equally a genuine fact that adults need them too. For an adult to stay fit and healthy, he must exercise regularly backed up with proper balanced diet. If he ignores the former at the expense of latter, he is definitely losing a balance which will make him unfit, unhealthy, and he will be prone to illness often.

If an adult wants to stay healthy and happy, playing games or exercises is the turning point to overall strength, well-being so as to achieve superb health and longevity. So, every adult must play games to keep himself physically and mentally fit.

Furthermore, the sedentary lifestyle and the intake of junk food especially in the urban areas has made man prone to illness like obesity, diabetes, heart stroke, mental fatigue, sprains, stress, insomnia, blood pressure, backache and so on.

If a man inculcates the habit of playing games as a part of his daily schedule, perhaps his health problems could be minimized, controlled and prevented.

The best way to protect and insure our health is through exercises and physical movement which could be done either through aerobics, yoga or running over a treadmill. Or, another alternative is by playing games like basket ball, football, tennis, badminton, running race, swimming etc. The games such as these are, indeed, not only fascinating and enthralling to kids but equally advantageous to adults too.

An hour a day spent playing games is the best source of investment in health, wealth and security for future. This means playing games and getting involved in sports increases our life span which any medical practitioner or health experts would agree to. So, just imagine how long our life could be in this planet if we were thoughtful enough to invest in games and sports.

Similarly, we all know that children need to be playing to grow. Playing games help children keep fit, healthy and strengthens their bones and helps in their overall growth and personality. But in case of an adult be it a man or a woman, it is not a matter of physical development, but a concern of keeping fit, slim, stress free and disease free.

Let’s get a bit deeper into types of games and how they benefit us. Games can be broadly classified into two categories: indoor and outdoor games.

The indoor games such as chess, carom, puzzles, dominos, computer games etc. help develop ones intellectual capacity; enhances IQ. and, also hones ones social skills.

The outdoor games like badminton, tennis, swimming, football, basket ball, cycling etc. are still more important as it helps us acquire both physical and mental health benefits. The physical health benefits are building sportsmanship spirit, friendship, relaxation, burning calories and good blood circulation. The mental health benefits are to help overcome negative thoughts, forget unnecessary worries of past and attain mental stability which eliminate stress, tension and psychological problems.

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