The Best Swimming Pool Games

Did you know that a swimming pool is not only fun to swim and relax in? It is also a great place where you can have interactive games with your family and friends! All you need is a little creativity, pool props (ball, floaters, and rope), and people (including kids) – you’re all set.

Want to try something new, here’s a list of games that you can play next time you have a pool party:

Wet Sweatshirt Race – Teams should be set up depending on the number of good swimmers and sweatshirts (minimum of 2) that you have available. You can use the short length and shallow part of the pool in case you have kids joining in or there are weak swimmers. Each team will be given one sweatshirt. Have each team member line up. The first person for each team will then wear the sweatshirt. After the signal “GO” has been given, the person wearing the sweatshirt needs to swim across the pool and back. The sweatshirt will then be passed on to the next player, who in turn will wear the wet sweatshirt and do the same procedure. This routine will continue until the last team member has swum across the pool and back.
Wrestling Team – Teams will be comprised of two players each. In the middle of the pool (or at least at a safe distance away from the pool ledge), a team member will sit on the shoulder of the other team member. Both team members sitting atop the shoulder will try to push the other off balance. The team that remains “standing” is the winner.
Float and Race – Have two floaters ready for use. Build two teams. Equally divide the members of each team and have them stay at each end of the pool. In case teams are comprised of mixed adults and kids, allow the kids to begin the race. For example, if you have 4 members per team, instruct 2 of the members to go to the opposite side of the pool. Team member A will ride the floater and paddle it using their bare hands towards the opposite side of the pool where team member B will then take the place of team member A and paddle back to team member C. This routine will continue until it reaches the last member of the team. The first team that finishes is the winner.
Water Tug – You’ll need a strong rope for this particular game. The mechanics of this game is similar to the Tug-of-War but the only difference is that everybody who joins the game is required to get in the pool. The kids can also have a go at this by making use of the shallow part of the pool. Just be sure that there is enough space between the team members and the pool’s ledge to avoid accidents.
Whisper Is The Word – Set up two teams with as much members as possible. Provide both team leaders with one single word (write it down and have them read it silently). They in turn will tell their teammate what the word is but they have to say it under water. This will continue until the last team member is reached, who in turn will need to say the word out loud.
Hold Your Breath – Two or more people will take a deep breath and dive at the same time. The last person to come up for air is declared the winner.

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